Journey to Acceptance

Finding Hope, Support, and Peace for Your Autistic Child

Having a child with autism presents many hard questions: What will my child’s life look like if he or she never gains maturity and independence? How will allowing my child to transition to a group home affect the family? What will happen when I can no longer take care of my child because I’m too old? What will happen if my child outlives me?

The good news is that there is hope. If you as a parent become an advocate for your loved one with special needs, you can answer these and many other questions. In Journey to Acceptance author Michelle Vanessa O’Reilly delivers an honest reflection on the life of a mother navigating the challenges of raising an autistic child. She details how embracing God through challenges and sometimes violent aggressions led to a wonderful placement for her son, Justin. She has learned to listen closely to Jesus’s voice as she makes decisions in this journey, and now she seeks to give encouragement and insight to other families who are beginning their own journeys.

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A Journey to Acceptance:My Son’s Move to a Group Home

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Issue 124: Austin Parenting Magazine


Living the Sky Life – Our Autism Journey

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S2: Episode 88 – A mother’s journey to acceptance and navigating the world of residential care